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Based on vocabulary used in the reading selection of

SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

Chapter 2

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2. [to] v. To cease to resist; yield, submit, surrender.

6. v. To suit, match, or be appropriate. To fit with.

7. adj. Peaceful calm serene restful. Tranquility n. Tranquilize v.

8. n. Quality of being sacred or sacrosanct.

11. adj. Having cadence or rhythm; regularly repetitive.

12. [to] adj. Following; succeeding, ensuing, successive, consequent, after.

13. v. To ask or question. Query n. A question.

14. v. To curtail the courage of; discourage, dismay, deter, dispirit, dishearten.

17. n. Dignified or magnificent display; splendor, display, showiness, ceremony.

18. adj. Hanging, swinging, depending, drooping.

21. adj. Taking immediate advantage of opportunities.

24. v. To usurp the place of; displace, supersede, replace.

26. adj. Having numerous overlapping folds; Intricate, complicated, elaborate complex.

27. adj. Incapable of or resistant to bending; inflexible, stiff, firm, unyielding.

29. n. Medicine, drug, prescription.

33. n. The quality of appearing to be true or real.

37. n. A state of extreme agitation; commotion, tumult, confusion, mayhem.

39. n. Inclination [to, for], proclivity [for, to], affinity [for, to], predilection [for], fondness [for].

41. adj. Imbued with passion; emotional, fervent, passionate.

42. adj. Fertile, prolific, fruitful, nubile.

43. n. Image, figure, carving, model, statue, sculpture.

44. adj. Arising from inherent qualities or tendencies without external cause; unprompted, unplanned, impulsive.

47. adj. Composed of elements with different properties; varied, assorted, various, mixed, non-uniform, dissimilar.

51. adj. Having or marked by repeated cycles; episodic, intermittent, sporadic, cadent.

52. n. Profusion, plenty, wealth.

53. n. Resistance (in a liquid) to flowing; thickness, stickiness, glueyness, tackiness.

54. n. Arrangement of parts or elements; relationship.

55. v. To destroy completely; ruin, undermine, threaten, destabilize.


1. adj. Occurring as an unpredictable or minor side effect.

3. n. The part of the scull enclosing the brain; head, braincase.

4. adj. Plentiful; copious, abundant, generous, bountiful.

5. v. To make something greater, larger, or more extensive; enlarge, expand, enhance.

6. v. To undergo decay, esp. in a wound; inflame, infect, corrupt, irritate, aggravate.

9. adj. False, bogus, fake, counterfeit, imitation, unauthentic.

10. adj. Excessive, unwarranted, extravagant.

15. v. Disturb, excite, perturb, trouble, disconcert.

16. adj. Inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable, inexorable, indisputable.

19. n. A dispute between parties holding opposing views; disagreement, debate.

20. n. Eloquence, lucidity, articulacy.

22. n. A person with exceptional talents or powers for a particular age; genius, phenomenon.

23. adj. In accordance with general consensus or practice; predictable.

25. n. Exact correspondence of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about an axis point; regularity, balance, equilibrium. Symmetrical adj.

28. adj. Suited or right in space and time; fitting, appropriate, favorable.

30. n. Depravity, baseness, vulgarity.

31. v. To praise or admire excessively; fawn on, flatter, elevate, worship.

32. n. Tension or strife resulting from a lack of agreement; dissension, disagreement, conflict, friction.

34. n. Double-dealing; deceit, deception, disloyalty.

35. adj. Tousled, unkempt, untidy.

36. v. To treat with medicine; dose.

38. adj. Having a strong odor; aromatic, fragrant, malodorous, stinking, smelly.

40. n. Expression of disapproval; condemnation, contempt, scorn, disparagement, opprobrium.

45. adj. Unaffected by disturbance; calm, unruffled, tranquil, peaceful.

46. v. To disclaim responsibility for; deny, renounce, disown.

48. v. To escape or avoid; dodge, skirt.

49. adj. Peculiar to some specified country or people; prevalent.

50. adj. Baseless, erroneous, unfounded, false.



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