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Based on vocabulary used in the reading selection of

SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

Chapter 3

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2. n. Agreement after a quarrel.

4. n. Limb, addition, attachment, adjunct, member, accessory.

8. adj. Arrogant, condescending, proud, conceited, snooty, self-important.

9. adj. Fearless, adventurous, brave, courageous.

11. adj. Not habitually solitary or living alone; social, sociable, outgoing.

12. adj. Quick to recover; flexible, tough, durable.

14. v. To work together; join forces.

17. adj. Dependent upon events or outcomes not yet determined; dependent [upon, on], conditional, subject [to], reliant [on, upon].

20. adj. Characterized by hatred of humans; unfriendly, antisocial, hostile, malevolent.

21. n. Honesty, decency, the state of being unimpaired; soundness.

24. adj. Elaborately, extensively ornamented; complex, highly wrought, complicated, flamboyant.

25. v. Shorten, abridge, reduce, truncate, curtail.

26. adj. Respectable due to age; respected, revered, honored, admired.

27. adj. Patronizing, disdainful, haughty, arrogant.

28. v. To descend to the level of another; stoop, deign, patronize.

32. adj. Talented beyond one's age; gifted, intelligent, talented.

33. adj. Withdrawn, hermit-like; solitary, unsociable, secluded.

34. adv. Attentively.

35. n. An assembly of persons or things; collection, company, group, assemblage, crowd, host.

36. adj. Friendly, helpful, kind, caring, benign.

37. adj. Short-lived; transient, impermanent, ephemeral.

38. n. Trust among friends; amity, solidarity, comradeship.

39. n. The ability to recover quickly; pliability flexibility toughness spirit.


1. adj. Watchful, alert, reticent, concerned, troubled.

3. adj. Out-of-place in time;

5. n. Present, time being.

6. adj. Agreeable; friendly, good-natured, harmonious.

7. adj. Harmful, destructive, inimical, detrimental.

10. adj. Hard-working; industrious, assiduous, meticulous, conscientious.

13. n. Anxiety, fear, apprehension, consternation, foreboding.

15. n. Act of refraining from. Abstain [from] v. Abstemious adj.

16. v. To observe carefully; inspect, examine, analyze.

17. n. A sweet preparation such as candy.

18. n. Theory requiring proof; supposition, proposition, assumption.

19. n. Opponent, adversary.

22. n. Short account of event; story, tale, yarn.

23. adj. Hateful, resentful, ruthless, vengeful, fractious.

29. adj. Wealthy; lavish, luxurious, magnificent, sumptuous, affluent.

30. adj. Pertaining to beauty; artistic.

31. n. One that lives on vegetation.



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