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Based on vocabulary used in the reading selection of

SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

Chapter 4

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1. v. Differ [from], deviate [from], depart [from], disagree [with].

4. n. A small, often select, group of persons who meet frequently for a purpose; click, assemblage.

5. v. To cause to be disoriented, confused.

9. n. Theory, supposition, proposition, assumption.

11. v./n. To hum or sing softly; chant, drone.

12. adj. Variant, moving apart, differing, deviating, contrary.

13. adj. Delighted, overjoyed, thrilled, elated, rapturous, euphoric.

15. adj. Overused, clichéd, trite, worn-out.

16. n. Wealth, lavishness, luxury, magnificence.

19. adj. Nameless, unidentified, unknown.

21. n. Irritation, frustration, annoyance, vexation.

24. n. Crowd of people; flock, group.

27. adj. Ordinary, common, routine, everyday, commonplace.

30. v./n. To regard with scorn, derision, disparagement, contempt.

31. adj. Indirect, roundabout, meandering, winding.

32. v./n. To settle differences; to cooperate, to concede.

33. n. Joy, exultation, elation, euphoria, delight.

34. n. Follower of customs; traditionalist.

35. n. High praise; adoration, worship, admiration.


2. adj. Instinctive, natural, untutored, innate, instinctive.

3. v./n. To criticize harshly; reprimand, reproach, condemn, remonstrate.

6. adj. Trivial, unimportant, insignificant, negligible.

7. adj. Calm, casual, offhand, relaxed.

8. adj. Rash, impulsive, hasty, reckless.

10. adj. Unavoidable, certain, foreseeable, ineluctable.

14. v. To express grief over; lament, bewail, regret, mourn.

17. adj. Consisting of an incongruous mixture of types or colors; assorted, miscellaneous, diverse, varied, dissimilar.

18. adj. Sympathetic, empathetic, concerned, kindly.

20. n. A category, kind, type, sort, variety, genus.

22. adj. Lucky, accidental, chance, unexpected.

23. n. Sympathy, mercy, empathy, concern, consideration.

25. adj. Confused, unsettled, bewildered, perplexed, baffled.

26. n. Speaker, lecturer, narrator.

28. adj. Outstanding, excellent, commendable, typical.

29. v. To cause astonishment and perplexity; astonish, amaze, astound, stagger, confound, confuse, baffle, bewilder, flummox.



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