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Based on vocabulary used in the reading selection of

SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

Chapter 5

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1. v. To abolish, repeal, revoke, rescind, annul, retract.

6. adj. Shining radiantly; gleaming, glowing, luminous, radiant.

10. adj. Tearful, crying, weepy, sobbing.

12. n. One who loves books.

16. v. Abolish, withdraw, annul, cancel, repeal, overturn.

18. n. Scarcity, paucity, lack, shortage, insufficiency, deficiency.

19. adj. Ridiculous, absurd, preposterous, foolish, comical.

21. n. Inhabitant, resident, citizen, native.

22. adj. Intended for instruction; educational, instructive, edifying.

24. n. Clothing, dress, attire, costume.

27. v. To ridicule; scoff, disparage, disparage, disdain.

28. adj. Poisonous; lethal, venomous.

29. v. To belittle; to minimize; to undervalue, disparage, denigrate, derogate, detract, decry.

30. adj. Conspicuously bad or offensive.

31. n. Carriage drawn by three horses abreast.


2. adj. Brash, bright, loud, dazzling, tasteless, gaudy.

3. adj. Dirty and wretched; filthy, foul, nasty, fetid.

4. adj. Garish, flashy, kitschy, extravagant, loud, colorful.

5. adj. Lacking, missing, wanting.

7. adj. Sluggish, listless, lethargic, lazy, languorous, stagnant.

8. n. An assortment of inconsequential odds and ends; trivialities, trifles.

9. n. Objection, protest.

11. n. A standard of judgment; decisive factor, principle, measure, condition, reason.

13. n. Light or frivolous chatter; banter, light teasing.

14. n. A noxious or ill-smelling exhalation from decaying or putrefying matter.

15. v. To yield out of respect or consideration of another's wishes, age or authority; postpone, suspend.

17. n. A lowering in value or an underrating in worth.

20. adj. Warlike, belligerent, pugnacious, combative, confrontational.

23. adj. Abounding in color; colorful.

25. v./n. To offer, present; hold out, extend, tender, submit.

26. v. Amuse, delight, divert, entertain.



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