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Based on vocabulary used in the reading selection of

SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

Chapter 6

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3. adj. Irritable, grouchy, ill-tempered, irascible, querulous.

4. adj. Undiminished, unreduced.

8. n. Indigence, poverty, destitution.

10. n. Meal, banquet, buffet, feast, collation.

11. n. Inclination [to, for], proclivity [for, to], affinity [for, to], predilection [for], fondness [for, of].

12. v./n. To render ludicrous by imitating the language of; caricature, satire, spoof.

14. n. The chief of a tribe or race who rules by paternal right.

15. v./n. To have the intention of doing; profess, purpose

16. n. A statement or doctrine seemingly in contradiction to the received belief; contradiction, inconsistency, irony.

17. n. A scholar who makes needless and inappropriate display of his learning; sophist.

18. n. A fiendish or riotous uproar; chaos, bedlam, uproar.


1. adj. Excessively sparing in the use or expenditure of money; thrifty, frugal, miserly.

2. v. To read or examine with great care; to observe.

3. adj. Doctrinaire, sophistic, finicky, arcane.

5. adj. Of or relating to the sense of taste.

6. n. A majority (not really -- the greatest number of votes cast for one of three or more candidates, but not a majority of total votes cast)

7. n. Fear of open spaces.

8. n. The writing-paper of the ancient Egyptians, and later of the Romans.

9. adj. Consisting of or related to money; financial, fiscal, economic.

13. adj./n. Formed after one's father's name. A name formed after one's father's name.

14. n. Sorrow for a sin with desire to amend and to atone; contrition, repentance, remorse.

15. n. Treachery, disloyalty, deceit, betrayal.

16. n. A remedy or medicine proposed for or professing to cure all diseases; cure-all, solution.



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