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Based on vocabulary used in the reading selection of

SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

Chapter 7

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    71 72        
  73                   74          


1. adj. Feeling, expressing or characterized by envy; covetous, desirous.

5. n. Harm, damage, disadvantage disparagement.

9. adj. Talented beyond one's age; gifted, intelligent, talented.

14. n. One who makes and sells candles.

17. v. To inspire with love.

19. v. To feel or realize in advance; expect, foresee, predict, await.

21. n. Enthusiastic merrymaking; festivities, celebrations, partying.

22. n. A time line or time-ordered sequence.

23. n. Persistence, determination, stubbornness, obstinacy, doggedness, resolve.

24. n. A small, often select, group of persons who meet frequently for a purpose; click, assemblage.

25. adj. Magnificent, brilliant, glorious, dazzling, stunning.

27. adj. Composed of elements with different properties; varied, assorted, various, mixed, non-uniform, dissimilar.

28. v. Bring forth; elicit, conclude, evoke, obtain.

30. n. Showiness, affectation, flamboyance, pretension.

31. adj. Of or relating to parenthood.

32. n. Plural of opus, a work. A dramatic work incorporating music and singing.

38. n. Fiasco, catastrophe, disaster, shambles, tragedy, calamity.

40. n. A sweet preparation such as candy.

42. adj. Dull, characterless, wishy-washy, innocuous.

43. n. Obsession, fixation.

45. n. Uncertainty or indecisiveness about which of multiple courses to follow; indecision, dubiety, ambiguity.

46. v. To persist in one's purpose.

47. adj./n. Enduring; recurrent, permanent, returning, lasting, persistent.

50. n. Familial ancestry, pedigree, descent, lineage.

53. v. To assemble, to meet as a group; summon, call together.

55. v. Admire, praise, exalt.

56. n. Daring, boldness, courage, nerve, impudence.

58. n. An artistic creation; composition, work, piece.

59. n. Scarcity, paucity, lack, shortage, insufficiency, deficiency.

60. v. Abstain from; give up, relinquish, decline.

63. n. Candle wares or wares sold by a chandler; a storeroom where candles are kept

69. adj. Clandestine, stealthy, furtive, secret, sneaky, covert.

70. adj. Sequential, ordered as in a timeline.

73. adj. Existing in effect but not in actual fact; effective, practical, essential.

74. v. To give, to bestow upon; award, present, grant.

75. adj. Dried out; shriveled, dehydrated, shrunken.

76. v. Irritate, provoke, infuriate.

77. n. Skill or ability; expertise, competence, proficiency.


2. n. Lacking interest; commonplace, insipidity.

3. adj. Displaying wealth; pretentious, showy, boastful, affected, grandiose, flamboyant.

4. n. Intolerance, chauvinism, bigotry.

6. v. Bring forth, obtain, extract, educe.

7. n. A confused battle; brawl, clash, fracas, fray, tussle.

8. v. Pigeonhole, typecast, categorize

10. (up) v. Call up; invoke, summon.

11. adj. Of or relating to the art of food preparation; cooking, cookery, gustatory.

12. adj. Understood, unspoken, implied, couched, inherent, embedded.

13. adj./n. Of or pertaining to water or the sea; marine.

15. n. Story teller.

16. n. Inclination, tendency, partiality, penchant, preference.

18. adj. Mysterious, enigmatic, baffling, incomprehensible, bizarre.

20. v. Hold back, abstain, refrain from.

26. v. To formulate movement sequences as in dance; design, plan, direct.

29. adj. Dull, emotionless, unresponsive.

33. v. To have a great ambition or goal; seek, aim, hope, wish.

34. adj. Observant, keen, perceptive, perspicacious, shrewd, incisive.

35. v. To express grief over; lament, bewail, regret, mourn.

36. n. A fond longing for things of the past; reminiscence, wistfulness, longing.

37. n. The act of turning aside from ones path or a distracting entertainment; distraction, amusement, recreation.

39. v. To bring up [a subject] for discussion or consideration; mention, raise.

41. adj. Of differing kind, having dissimilar properties; contrasting, distinct, divergent, inconsistent, unequivalent.

43. v. Baffle, bewilder, confuse, confound, stymie, puzzle. Perplexity n.

44. n. Jealousy, covetousness.

47. n. Inclination, taste, penchant, predilection.

48. v. To refuse to have anything to do with; reject, cast off, disclaim, disavow, renounce.

49. adj. Harmless, inoffensive, innocent, mild, bland, vapid, insipid, jejune, tedious, uninspiring, vacant, vacuous.

51. adj. Foolhardy, daring, brave, bold, impudent, risky.

52. adj. Diverging from established practice; unconventional, untraditional, nonconformist.

54. adj./n. Tolerant, permissive, broadminded.

57. adj. Unconcerned, indifferent; listless.

61. adj. Undeniable, incontrovertible, unquestionable, irrefutable, indisputable.

62. v./n. Like, delight in, enjoy.

64. n. One who aspires; candidate, applicant, contender.

65. n. A biological category, a level of the taxonomic hierarchy more specific than family but more general than species.

66. n. A copy or reproduction; imitation, model, facsimile, duplication.

67. adj. Of, pertaining to, or living in a tree or trees; sylvan.

68. n. Sourness of character, appearance, or tone; acidity, acrimony, asperity, astringency, tartness.

71. adj./n. Flashy, cheap, tasteless.

72. v. To suit, match, or be appropriate; to fit with.



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