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Based on vocabulary used in the reading selection of

SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

Chapter 9

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3. n. Finger or toe. Also a number.

6. adj. Inclined to do works for the benefit of others.

7. n. A large basket with a cover.

11. v. To put on (clothing), dress in.

12. n. The state of being kind or charitable.

13. n./v. An expression of approval; praise, honor, tribute.

14. adj. Unfortunate, ill fated, luckless, wretched, miserable.

15. adj. Challenging; demanding, taxing, difficult, tricky.

16. n. Limb, member, adjunct, attachment, accessory.

20. adj. Having sticky or gluey properties. Adhesive n. something with adhesive properties.

21. adj. Enormous, huge, gigantic, massive, vast.

22. n. A state of misfortune or ill fate; hardship, difficulty, danger, affliction.

24. adj. Of or related to drama and the theater; theatrical.

26. v. To suit, match, or be appropriate. To fit with.

28. adj. Extremely hungry; voracious, famished, starving, rapacious.

30. adj. At the same time.

31. n. Monetarily rewarding. profitable productive.

32. v. To flood, inundate, overflow. Deluge n. A flood.

33. v. To foretell, foresee, augur, presage, portend, predict.

36. adj. Unessential, extra, excess.

37. adj. Arousing pity; pathetic, pitiful, wretched.

41. n. A repetition of part of a musical or dramatic work in response to requests from the audience.

43. n. Diligent, industrious, hard-working, persevering.

46. adj. Easily misled; credulous; susceptible, innocent, trusting.

48. n. A belittling comparison; deprecation, distaste, opprobrium, derogation.

49. adj. Intentional, purposeful.

50. adj. Lavish, luxuriant; extravagant, opulent, spectacular.

51. v. To dominate by excluding others.


1. adj. Hairy.

2. v. Hit, punch, pound, strike, batter.

4. adj. Deceitful, insincere, devious, dishonest.

5. n. A forested area in its natural state.

7. n. The base 16 numbering system, commonly used in conjunction with the binary numbering system and associated devices.

8. v. To confine to a specific type of role in theater according to type; stereotype, classify.

9. adj. Joyful, glad, ecstatic, jubilant.

10. n. Boldness, fearlessness, overconfidence, foolhardiness.

17. adj. Thin, withered, gaunt.

18. v. To increase in size; extend, magnify.

19. adj. Sharing a common boundary; adjacent, neighboring, contiguous.

23. v. To mimic, copy.

25. adj. Wandering, traveling, peripatetic, nomadic.

27. v. To spurt, eject, emit.

29. v. To ask or question. Query n. A question.

30. adj. Beyond what is necessary or sufficient; extra, surplus, redundant, excess.

34. adj. Rich in detail; ornate, complex, intricate.

35. adj. Bizarre, ugly, gross, monstrous, misshapen.

38. n. Nose, snout, trunk, antenna.

39. n. A readily obvious pretense or parody; farce, travesty, make-believe.

40. adj. Disposed to believe without due consideration; gullible, trusting.

42. v. To wander from, turn aside, stray from; deviate.

44. v. Past tense of verb to speed.

45. v. To discourage, daunt, dissuade, prevent.

47. n. The high range of the voice.



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