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Yahoo (Not a search engine but the best Internet subject catalog
with material selected and catagorized by intelligent humans)
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Search Lycos Category Directory

Search the Web:

UC Berkeley library tutorial on researching on the Internet
An excellent introduction to the mysteries of search engines and subject indices
How search engines work
Search engine guide
3272 search engines at last count
Yahoo's "How to search the web"
Good subject and media search.

How To Steal This Book
Downloadable PDF on how to pirate textbooks. Given the gouging that takes place in the textbook market, this can be a very valuable resource and may be the way of the future.
Book Metasearch Tool. Search by title, author, or ISBN.
The best prices on textbooks.
Textbook search engine. Finds best price in multiple online bookstores (Excellent!).
Student Market
Discount new and used textbooks online.
Textbook listings by college and course.
Online used textbook exchange
College Stuff
Textbooks new and used online
Discount online texts
Encycopedia (on CD), software, reference materials, educational resources
New and used textbooks (site uses buggy MicroSoft software -- crashed during search and displayed error message and code on the page).
UT Books.
University Textbooks. Good prices. The premier publisher of unabridged audiobooks, now available online.
Online Books

(An online book is worth twice as much as anything on paper.)

The On-Line Books Page
Just about every book online that's free to download. You'll be amazed what's there!
Internet Public Library
Excellent collection of Internet resources from the University of Michigan. Highly recommended!
Literary Resources on the Net
An excellent collection by Jack Lynch at Rutgers University
Project Gutenberg
Database of online texts.
Largest education information and services provider.
Resources for term-paper research and plagiarism.
Electronic Library
Research tool for magazines, maps, books & reports, newspapers & newswires, radio, TV, & government transcripts, and images.

Special Recommendations

The Free Internet Encyclopedia
Once Round the Sun
Illustrated children's book

Yahoo chat rooms
Vast collection of web based Java powered chatrooms.
Web based Java chat.

Note: IRC chatrooms require software such as Mirc to connect.
Personal adds

Online Education and Elearning
A how-to site for studying and teaching online. Not just another "earn your degree" site, OEE is created by teachers who offer online classes and have earned online accredited degrees.
Online Classes for Homeschoolers
Listing of classes for homeschoolers, some of which are online.
Distance Learning
Insights into distance learning opportunities and strategies.
General Web Directories
Education Index
A topic-by-topic breakdown of the best educational sites on the World Wide Web
Student Links
Excellent Internet catalog for students.
All in one search page
Links to just about all search engines and directories in one place, arranged by category.
Argus Clearing House
A vast catalog of topical guides to Internet resources.
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
The ultimate educational database
Yahoo Catalog
The most comprehensive searchable catalog of Internet resources. Edited and updated constantly by intelligent humans.
Ziff-Davis net search resources. Good for current information on hardware, software and digital developments.
Games Resources

Play Free Games!
 Win Real $$$

Excite games site

Multimedia Resources

Live Radio and Television from Around the World
Excellent source for streaming audio and video broadcasts. Worldwide Internet TV
Another one
Classical MIDI Archives
Superb collection of Classical MIDI files. Searchable, with biographical information and timelines. Mirrors in Austria, England, Italy, Japan, Russia, and Sweden.
Noteworthy composer
Excellent shareware music composition tool -- can also convert MIDI files to printed scores.
Lycos image search
Altavista photo and media finder
Yahoo's image search site

MP3 Sites -- high quality digitized audio
WinAmp MP3 Player
Excellent freeware software for listening to MP3s and other audio formats.
Lycos' Mpeg3 site
Search tool for Mpeg3 (mp3) files, downloadable high quality digital music.
Top 25 MP3 sites
Directory of best MP3 sites
CMJ Mpeg3s
Searchable Mpeg3 database
Mpeg3 Resources
Special Interest Resources
Online Education and Elearning
OEE Distance Learning Centre provides tools and resources for studying and teaching online.
FREE mag for Teens, Parents, & Educators. Each month YoungSuccess features student contests, financial aid sources, scholarship programs, free educational tools, and ideas to help students be successful in whatever their chosen endeavors.
Health A to Z
Most comprehensive catalog of online health resources.
Map quest
Maps by address, street directions, travel information
Large meta-database of book databases.
Large database of out-of-print books -- thousands of booksellers participating.
Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find
Another excellent book database. Good prices.
Bookplace USA
Largest database of In-print books. Home Page
The big online bookstore
Largest online bookstore.
Residential Real Estate
Yahoo's real estate tool
Finance and Investment
Stock quotes, business news
C|Net's Software search tool.
C|Net's tools for web sites.
C|Net's computer and Internet news resource.
C|Net's hardware resources.
Legal research

People Locating Tools
Altavista People search
411 People search tool
Find addresses, e-mail, search by phone number
Yahoo People Search
Find A Person:
Discussion groups/Mailing lists
Find this:
The Web Mailing list database
Database of subject-oriented e-mail discussion lists
Topic A Newsgroups and discussions
Directory of newsgroup subject oriented discussion conferences by category. Searchable.
Search Engine for newsgroup conferences.
Altavista newsgroup search

Computer Things
Largest online computer store. Student discounts.
HTML Writer's Guild
Excellent source of HTML related resources
Good antivirus software
McAfee virus clinic
Linux systems -- non MicroSoft computing
Office Supplies
Staples. Wide selection of computer and office supplies.
Unix Unleashed
a good UNIX book online
SQL tutorial
Robert's Perl tutorial
Excellent freeware editor
Christmas Screen Savers and Software
Internet Power Tools
Promotional givaways.
Completely Free Software
Excellent collection of all-free software
Job Search Tools
Super for technical positions, uses the Dice database.
True Careers
Resume publishing and job database directed at students
One of the really big job and resume databases
The other really big one
The Resume Store
Expert resume writers with many fields of expertise.


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