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College Prep English Practice chapter recordings


From the Introduction:

Note: only the vocabulary stories are recorded. Recordings of vocabulary listings, comprehension quizzes and usage notes seemed a bit pointless.

Chapter 1 Vocabulary: Boadicea Arrives on Stichwort Campus :

Chapter 2 Vocabulary: Baby Bear and the Yard Sculpture

Chapter 3 Vocabulary: Stichwort College Weathers the Storm

Chapter 4 Vocabulary: Baby Bear and the Big Cheese

Chapter 5 Vocabulary: The Billy Goats Gruff, the Sequel

Chapter 6 Vocabulary: The Jurassic Cavalcade

Chapter 7 Vocabulary: The Prince

Chapter 8 Vocabulary: Cinderella

Chapter 9 Vocabulary: The Fox, The Owl and the Spinach Lasagne

Chapter 10 Vocabulary: The Bat and the Sandwich Part 1

Chapter 11 Vocabulary: The Bat and the Sandwich Part 2

Chapter 12 Vocabulary: The Troll, The Wolf and The Egg Whisk

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