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Educational Services

College Prep English Practice book cover
SAT, ACT, TOEFL College Prep English Practice
A book for the serious college-bound student with little time, limited patience and a low boredom threshold. Vocabulary learnt in meaningful and entertaining context, grammar demonstrated in highly memorable examples and writing style devices illustrated and practiced throughout the book teach essential language skills, mastery over which will benefit college students throughout their academic careers as well as lead to high scores on college entrance exams.
2011 California Homeschool Network Family Expo Resources
Resources created for attendees of the CHN Expo presentations by Abacus-es: An Auditory Approach to English Language Skills Acquisition and The Art of Memorization
Classes Available
Online and traditional classes for college-bound homeschoolers and adults. All core subjects are covered including English through college prep., and mathematics through calculus. Many classes are offered in science, music, theater and art.
English Grammar and Writing Skills Playsheets
Inspired worksheets used in homeschooling classes to teach grammar and writing style concepts with a touch of whimsy.
SAT, CHSPE, TOEFL Test Preparation
Extensive exam preparation resources.
SAT Test Preparation Books
Books on SAT Exam Preparation
English Language Grammar Reference
English Vocabulary Crosswords
English Vocabulary Tips
Children's Books
Chosen for their use of language.
Online Class Hosting
Online classrooms and technical support for schools, teachers and homeschoolers using MOODLE (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)
Student Net
General information for students -- colleges, resources, textbooks, social networking, test preparation and scholarships
Editing Services
High quality editing assistance for those who need their work to conform to the standards of formal written English.
Online Education
How tos study and teach online, including tools, strategies and feasibility.
Educational Resources
Resources for teachers, parents and students including SAT, CHSPE, and TOEFL test preparation
Online Degrees
Online study toward a degree can be an excellent alternative, but it is not wise to start without doing a little research.
Accredited Degrees
Which online degrees are worthwhile, which are not and how to tell the difference. Everything you need to know about online accredited degrees.
Online Classes
Classes offered online by Abacus and Excellence In Education
Books offered by Abacus Educational Services
TTI School
An English language school based in Camden, London. Founded in 1999 by Guy and Bridie. A fantastic English school.
Education Links
Educational Resources on the Web
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