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Life is a learning experience. Each and every day that passes provides the opportunity to learn. By this very definition, schools oppose learning by constraining and controlling what is learned into small limited catagories that serve only the convenience of the educators.

Homeschooling in Action
Homeschooling in Action

As an example, give a child the practical application of virtually anything and spark the child's curiosity; learning will automatically follow. To cross the stream one must build a bridge; the mind instantly opens, from simply wishing to avoid getting ones feet wet, the mind takes the child, willing and eager, into the world of engineering. To learn to count the child can spend many tedious hours watching an educator at a blackboard or can simply be given a sum of money and a list of things he/she would like to buy. If the money is not sufficient to purchase all this items on the list, the child will quickly and easily learn to calculate what can be bought.

If parents wish their children to learn, they will take them by the hand and lead them, often learning with them. If the parents only wish the children to obey and follow instructions, they will send their children to a school.

-- RT

Any reasonably intelligent individual (able to pick up a book and study a subject) who has seen a public school classroom in action must conclude, as we and many others have, that the time/learning ratio common in the public schools is only a tiny fraction of that possible in an educationally benign environment. Homeschooling is for many, more than just a choice, it is a necessity.

If one examines the literacy level of average citizens in the 18th century (based upon the language used in the popular media of the period. See A Good Education by Carolyn Forte), one is forced to admit that education has slid to an abysmal level since the enforcement of public schooling. The transition of American education from small, community controlled schools to the large, bureaucratic factory model institutions we have today is well documented though seldom officially recognized See: The Underground History of American Education, A Schoolteacher’s Intimate Investigation Into The Problem of Modern Schooling. This work and many more homeschooling books are to be found in AES homeschooling resources. The full text is also available online.