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English Editing Services

Well written English is both very difficult to produce and absolutely essential for many purposes. The credibility of a person, document, product, or concept relies heavily upon the proper use of language. It is particularly difficult for non-native speakers of English to master idiomatic usage to the degree that their writing would pass for that of a native English speaker.

Abacus Educational Services provides high quality editing assistance for those who need their work to conform to the standards of formal written English. Basic editing includes not only correction of punctuation and grammar, but complete overhaul of idiomatic usages and vocabulary such that the resulting text can rarely be distinguished from the work of a well-educated native speaker of English.

Although formal written English is nearly universal and, when well crafted, seldom reveals the nationality of the writer, we do offer either Standard American English or Commonwealth English as desired.

Price: $0.065/word for basic editing.

Appointments: As most academics know their deadlines in advance, a prior appointment is usually possible and is highly recommended to ensure quality and rapid turnaround.

Turnaround: Normally five days (often less) from appointment date for up to five thousand words -- more time is required for longer documents.

For further information or to book an editing appointment, please contact us at: editing@abacus-es.com

Chief editor, K. Titchenell, is the author of a number of works on English writing style and grammar. (See SAT Practice, English Writing Style and Grammar Resources, Writing Skills Playsheets, and Verbsap, an algorithmic verb usage software package.)