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Recommended Software

The software with which most people are familiar is that which is promoted and distributed commercially. Many computer users are unaware of software alternatives which do not receive commercial attention. After much experimentation, we have compiled the following list of programs which we have found to be as good or better than their commercial couterparts - and they're all free.

The first is one of ours. Created int the days of MSDos, this little program uses rules to conjugate any verb, real or imagined, and construct verb phrases in present, future, perfect, progressive, and passive. The only data used are the principal parts of the irregular verbs. Simply unzip the file and run the .exe program. No installation required.

Download Verbsap.

Firefox is the safest, fastest, and most current web browser available.

Free Download

Thunderbird is an excellent email handler with spam protection and many features.

Free Download

Open Office is a free open-source counterpart of MSOffice.

Free Download.

Dictionary search plugin for Firefox

Free Download

Other free software.