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  Resources for speaking music as a fist language.

Musical conversation
Musical conversation

Coming soon: Speaking Music as a First Language by K. Titchenell. This work introduces the parent and child to music in an intuitive and natural way. Starting at any age from infancy to adulthood, the same skills we use to assimilate language may be used to learn music. Learn to play what you hear or imagine with fluency and harmony. Contact us to reserve your copy. E-MAIL: aes@abacus-es.com

Keyboard Music Theory class, Monrovia, CA. This class offers a sound foundation in music theory and composition taught in the homeschool spirit through hands-on keyboard experience. Students learn to play on the keyboard whatever music they hear or imagine.

Suzuki Association of the Americas Home of the Suzuki method. "Imagine trying to learn a foreign language without ever having heard it spoken. Now think how much easier it is with an "immersion" experience. When Suzuki devised his "mother tongue method," he capitalized on the fact that learning the language of music works much the same way as learning any language."

Scott The Piano Guy's Web Scott Houston, the Public Television personality, piano teacher, educator, and professional speaker known as "The Piano Guy"

Reading music from the page is like reading a book -- but you can't talk with friends if you have to read every word from a book.