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  Resources for speaking music as a fist language.

Musical conversation
Musical conversation

Here are some resources for homeschool music study. Some students are introduced to music in a more organic and natural way and most of those with whom an auditory alternative approach has been used can play tunes they know but have never played before, by ear, sight unseen, within a few months. Within a year they can play and harmonize most common folk melodies or popular songs - but far more importantly, they can play the music in their own heads, can improvise never before heard music and render it fully. Later, more advanced study may perfectly well include writing and reading in standard music notation (though many in pop, rock, country etc. never resort to the musical staff nor feel a need to). After the real danger of turning the child away from music has been averted, anything is possible, including the study and performance of great works of the classical repertoire.

Coming soon: Speaking Music as a First Language by K. Titchenell. Available late in 2011, this work introduces the parent and child to music in an intuitive and natural way. Starting at any age from infancy to adulthood, the same skills we use to assimilate language may be used to learn music. Learn to play what you hear or imagine with fluency and harmony. Please contact us to be notified when it is released.

Keyboard Music Theory. A class in music theory for homeschoolers.

Huntington Electronic Keyboard At $64.95, this is a perfectly usable student keyboard.

Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook From $21.99. Lyrics and guitar chords for nearly 1,200 popular and folk songs of America, England, Scotland, Wales, Scandinavia, Russia, Spanish, Gypsy, Caribbean and many more.

The Folksong Fake Book over 1,000 folksongs including a huge variety of songs spanning hundreds of years and originating from America, England, Canada, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and other countries.

Reading music from the page is like reading a book -- but you can't talk with friends if you have to read every word from a book.