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Recommended Homeschooling Classes

Classes are held at the Excellence In Education Resource Center in Monrovia unless otherwise indicated: 2640 S. Myrtle Ave.Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 821 0025. Some courses may also be offered online. Many classes are ongoing with open enrollment, and times are often flexible. Please contact EIE ((626) 821-0025) or the individual teacher to verify details and for further information.
Homeschooling in Action
Keyboard Music Theory Class

Homeschooling in Action
Keyboard Music Theory Class
Concert in the Park


VENDOR (through Homeschool Coaches) WITH THE FOLLOWING CHARTERS: Academy of Arts and Sciences, California Enrichment Academy, Excel Academy, Golden Valley, Gorman, iLead, Inspire, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain

This class offers a sound foundation in music theory and composition taught in the homeschool spirit through hands-on keyboard experience. Learn to play on the keyboard whatever music you hear or imagine. We learn to write and read music too, but do not limit ourselves to reading what others have written.

Bring your electronic keyboard (or use one of several available in class), your ears, and imagination.

All ages and abilities welcome. Uses the one-room schoolhouse paradigm (See Advantages of the one-room schoolhouse approach to teaching).

Class meets Mondays 11:15 - 12:15
COST: $300 per semester. $250 for non charter school students.

CONTACT: K. Titchenell at (323) 432-7128
or email: eieclass@abacus-es.com
Video Introduction to the Keyboard Music Theory class

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