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Back cover from SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section

English vocabulary, usage, comprehension, and composition preparation for the New SAT.

As of spring 2005, the new SAT, now with twice as much emphasis on verbal skills as on mathematics, will have an essay component and an expanded grammar section.  Students are expected to recognize and correct grammatical errors and to demonstrate competence in written English including a "varied, accurate, and apt vocabulary" and "meaningful variety in sentence structure."  [The College Board]    

Reading this work will expose you to a concentrated dose of SAT level vocabulary, a quantity you would encounter only by reading dozens or perhaps hundreds of works of literature.  Rereading the selections and taking the comprehension quizzes in this brief volume a few more times will solidify the terms and put them into your active useable vocabulary.  Studying the language notes and doing the usage and writing exercises will help you learn to solve grammatical problems and will give you practice using the terminology and the varied sentence structure that examiners are looking for.

Originally created for homeschoolers whose education has emphasized creativity and originality over the ability to plow through the tedium and uniformity of institutionalized education, this is ideal English verbal test preparation for those who would bypass the drudgery of traditional methods and achieve the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time.  

K. Titchenell is a homeschooling parent with many years of secondary and college level teaching experience.     
    Excerpted with permission from SAT Practice: The New Verbal Section.