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New, Unusual, and Special Books

cover Patricia Gatto "Milton's Dilemma" (Children's / Youth Issues) For more about this book and its author, see: www.joyfulproductions.com.
Milton's Dilemma is the tale of a lonely boy's magical journey to friendship and self-acceptance. Milton struggles to fit in, but is teased by the school bullies. With the help of a mischievous gnome, he learns the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of his actions when he vows to take revenge.

cover Shirley Cheng "Daring Quests of Mystics" (Fantasy)  For more information see www.shirleycheng.com.
The prodigious, stone castle overlooked a prominent countryside of the kingdom known as Noxellia, where days were filled with the bliss of sunshine kissing the gentle rolling hills yonder, while impish winds playfully teased women's hair as trees whistled tunes of joy. It was certainly a scene of exquisite tranquility--or so it seemed.

Thousands of people of all ranks and ages flooded into King Fulacian's castle for the charming Princess Sophia's seventeenth birthday. Dancing, music, and feasting of all sorts and varieties of dishes were the main menu of the day. At last, the special highlight of the event was brought forth--a reading of fortune by Dawn, a speial friend of the royal family. Turning to the princess, the oracle uttered these startling words, "Terror and adventure you shall face on your wedding day." Where upon, two gifts were bestowed upon Princess Sophia: a white dove and a multi-colored ring of rhinestones. How could a dove and a ring possibly help her? Little did she know that these presents would be of so much help as daring quests were conquered, and that the importance of life was taught and cherished more so in each tale.

Cat Flinging It's hard to categorize this work, but it's clearly worth a try.
cover Lee Ann Butler Owens "Colleen's Dollhouse" (Inspirational Children's Book) For more on this book see: www.lullaleepublications.org
Written by composer and author Lee Ann Butler-Owens, Colleen's Dollhouse is a delightfully scripted audio tale which features storybook colorful characters such as Mr. Freebird, Pickles the Cat, Princess the Dog, Lil' Teddie, and the precocious little girl, Colleen.

Colleen's Dollhouse teaches the importance of sharing, respecting others, and appreciating the many wonders of the universe.

Each time you listen, the adventure becomes more and more vivid!!

"Colleen’s Dollhouse" is a refreshing approach to teach children the importance of education, basic humanitarian value, emphasizing their specific contribution and awareness to surroundings. The short term effect is an enjoyable narrative, where as the long term significance will prepare pre-school children for elementary, and expand the learning curve for those currently attending school.

Children who have special needs in the following category: terminal, blind, deaf, abused, orphaned / foster or slightly mentally challenged require a continuing condition of positive reinforcement through alternative methods. The LullaLee Series seeks to bring joy, and self-development tools that encourage hope.

cover Donald Gordon "The Rock Candy Bandits " (Children's / Fantasy)
Description: Moustapha and his bandit band members kidnap Sergeant Patricia of the Royal Prosperian Flying Desert Corps and her camel, Sobersides, and threaten to turn Sobersides into camel stew for a feast if a ransom of rock candies is not paid. Corps members hurry to Fort Mischief, the bandit headquarters, on a rescue mission. Will they succeed? Will they be there in time?
About the author: Donald R. Gordon is an author, teacher and consultant. His publications include Language Logic And The Mass media and The New Literacy on communications, four novels, several children's books and hundreds of newspaper, magazine, radio and TV reports and articles.

The Rock Candy Bandits is the first of The Prosperian Papers. For more about this book see: www.rockcandybandits.com.

Kate Framer "The Harmony Project" (Pets & Nature) www.harmony-project.net

Kenneth Brown "Murder in Cheesman Park" (Thriller)www.mysteryauthor.net

William Koonce "The Tall Man In The Hat" (Christian Horror) www.wildkite.com

Jack Payne "Six Hours Past Thursday" (Thriller) www.sixhrs.com

Michael Zwerdling "Postcards of Nursing" (Art / Social History) www.nursepostcard.com

E=MC 2 Mon Amour An unusual story about two remarkable children.

Monologues for Young Actors For those with a dramatic bent.

Online Book Marketing & Publicity K.Titchenell is a member of the Substance Books
Link-Exchange Project. Come and visit her recommended authors and books!

Shirley Cheng:: Daring Quests Of Mystics:: Fantasy
Patricia Gatto & John De Angelis:: Milton's Dilemma:: Children's
Lee Ann Butler-Owen:: Colleen's Doll House:: Inspirational Children's
Michael Zwerdling:: Postcards of Nursing:: Social History / Art Book
Donald R. Gordon:: The Rock Candy Bandits:: Fantasy / Children's
Kenneth Brown:: Murder in Cheesman Park:: Mystery