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SAT Practice, The New Verbal Section

Adverb exercises

Note: These are exercises used in classroom and online courses. See the Abacus-es Classes page. Many contain intentional errors to be fixed. Be sure to look up vocabulary terms as needed.

Adverbs and Adjectives Playsheet

Match modifiers with what they modify in the following examples.

  1. Aunt Agatha looked cold as she opened her presents.
  2. Aunt Agatha looked coldly at Uncle Cuthbert as she opened her parcel containing the infamous holiday assortment of industrial adhesives, one of which had quite handily, in an as yet unexplained case of misidentification, taken second place in the Pixley Festival of Disagreeable Cheeses.
  3. Boadicea took refuge behind an enormous decomposing turnip, prominently displayed in the booth representing the Unrepentant Recovering Reductionists.
  4. The soft singing seraphim found the stringy otter cheese revolting.
  5. The softly singing seraphim found the stringy otter cheese quickly.
  6. The bold brazen basilisk spoke with wit and candor of the disadvantages of eating squeaky sweets in the courtroom.
  7. The boldly brazen basilisk spoke with wit and candor of the disadvantages of eating sweets squeakily in the courtroom.
  8. This daffodil smells sweet and sings sweetly, though it seems only marginally sweeter than Saturday's marginal entries -- seemingly.
  9. Unable to distinguish Braille E's from I's, the flabbergasted curmudgeon felt bad about feeling so badly.
  10. The queen looked beautiful as she looked imperiously at the impudent haddock.
  11. The misanthrope looked furtively about, trying avidly not to look furtive.
  12. Aunt Agatha had only just recovered from the awful, confusing, but highly memorable funeral.
  13. Uncle Cuthbert had been pleasantly surprised and diverted by the awfully confusing funeral.
  14. Boadicea agreed that it was hard to picture the intensely unassuming Uncle Cuthbert stalking a reindeer, even after his apparent success with the irascible organ-grinder.