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SAT Practice, The New Verbal Section

Grammar Exercises 1

Note: These are exercises used in classroom and online courses. See the Abacus-es Classes page. Many contain intentional errors to be fixed. Be sure to look up vocabulary terms as needed.

Grammar Playsheet 1

Circle the errors in the following. Watch for mass nouns and count nouns.

  1. To the phlegmatic butler, his listless iguana, and me, the word "maņana" conveyed far too acute a sense of urgency.
  2. There were much more barrels of fermented applesauce but less golf balls than the minimum required for the sleepover.
  3. It wasn't me whom the assistant vice principal accused of impertinence after he saw a copy of his bulletin with appropriate grammar corrections printed in the local newspaper.
  4. Rupert saw the curate and me mixing anchovies into the nougat.
  5. Whom do you think is responsible for the toad infestation in the library?
  6. Who should we make clean up the tapioca, peanut shells, and horse droppings in the cafeteria after the 4H Club's cavalcade of ethnic indigenous cuisines?
  7. There's too many reasons for not letting Mrs. Drookle's second grade class reenact the Boston Tea Party at the Main Street fountain.
  8. There's too much puce finger paint and Brillo pads to hide convincingly behind the irregularly eructative model volcano.