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SAT Practice, The New Verbal Section

Lie / Lay Playsheet

Note: These are exercises used in classroom and online courses. See the Abacus-es Classes page. Many contain intentional errors to be fixed. Be sure to look up vocabulary terms as needed.

Lie / Lay Playsheet

Circle the errors in the following.

  1. Could you lie those Etruscan water skis over there next to where the experimental begonias and the enigmatic Siberian banana sculpture are laying?
  2. I couldn't rise the somnolent tortoise high enough to be seen above the rising flood of enthusiastic insipient herpetologists.
  3. I couldn't figure out whether to fall or fell the tree before it falls on its own, so I just cut it down.
  4. Tiberius couldn't sit the elaborate but somewhat aging eggplant centerpiece so that it would set reliably upright on the table, so he lay it down next to the infuriated Rabbi.
  5. The imaginary emu lay in the corner of the room blithely laying eggs and knitting thneeds.
  6. Set it on the couch besides where the querelous scabiosa is laying and the truculent eschscholtzia is setting.
  7. I couldn't lie down where the peacock had laid yesterday.
  8. I couldn't lie down where the peahen had laid yesterday.