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SAT Practice, The New Verbal Section

Subjects and Objects Playsheet

Note: These are exercises used in classroom and online courses. See the Abacus-es Classes page. Many contain intentional errors to be fixed. Be sure to look up vocabulary terms as needed.

Subjects and Objects Playsheet

Some of the following contain subject/object errors. Circle the errors or indicate their absence. Below each error, write your corrected version.

  1. Severus inquired of the three braves and I whether a greased ferret might stand a chance of fetching the broken spectacles.
  2. Boadicea doubted that anyone could be quite as excited as her when Gerald tried tying the herring tarts to the paddle and dipping them in the marmalade.
  3. Rowena and Boadicea assured the artist that nobody in the kingdom could possibly fling yogurt more gracefully or with more sublime effect than him.
  4. Neither Rowland nor Boadicea, emerging slowly from behind the inflatable hyena, could imagine anyone irritating the postman as artfully as they.
  5. Who should we expect to weave the missing chocolate birdbath into the conversation before she forgets to do anything useful with the document shredder or the pot of experimental begonias?
  6. Whom should be expected to unload the amorous giraffe before the rain washes all the fudge away revealing the magic tortoise and the baseball cap.
  7. Neither the dwarf on the tricycle nor me could be seen clearly behind the smoldering bagpipes -- or it is to be sincerely hoped that we could not.
  8. Even these strangely loony Hungarians could not seriously suspect either the ornately painted guests or I of hiding the recalcitrant ostrich in our luggage.
  9. Only when accompanied by the troubadour, the two thoroughly inebriated ice-cream salesmen and me, did Hermione stand a chance of intimidating the officious flowerpot-wielding zookeeper.
  10. Several counterfeit reproductions of the statue were discovered by the archivist and I after Hermione pried the cellar door open with an industrial-strength spurtle and we started rummaging through the egg cartons.