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SAT Practice, The New Verbal Section

Verb Phrase Playsheet 2

Note: These are exercises used in classroom and online courses. See the Abacus-es Classes page. Many contain intentional errors to be fixed. Be sure to look up vocabulary terms as needed.

Convert Sentences into Perfect, Progressive, Passive, and Future


Aunt Agatha perceives the revolting development.

  • Perfect: Aunt Agatha has perceived the revolting development.
  • Progressive: Aunt Agatha is perceiving the revolting development.
  • Passive: The revolting development is perceived by Aunt Agatha.
  • Future: Aunt Agatha will perceive the revolting development.
  1. Boadicea tickles the sleeping dragon.
  2. The magnetic banshee fears doorknobs and postcards.
  3. The erroneous taxonomic decision delights the mischievous monotreme.
  4. The Egyptian archaeologist unearths what appears to be an ice cream scoop and a jar of pickled onions.
  5. Rupert secretes the more dangerous office equipment under his bagpipes.
  6. The performance combined curling, figure skating, and Irish dance.
  7. Aloysius beats the crotchety rhinoceros about the ears with his shoe.
  8. Boadicea offers them the irradiated fruitcake and the mukluks.
  9. Rupert tries to teach the irascible cat to whistle.
  10. The magistrate experiences highly flammable eructations.
  11. The rodent infestation baffles the corpulent mayor.