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Homeschooling in Action
Education is the purpose of life

Free Education

Even in a traditional classroom, one has no assurance that genuine teaching will take place. Many teachers fill their classroom hours with procedural matter and endless repetition, often to the exclusion of didactic value. Modern distance learning paradigms often involve even less teacher-student interaction, relying largely upon online support, forums, courseware, and mechanized testing and evaluation. In many cases, there is very little contribution made to the education of students by the accredited online educational institution as the onus of learning is shifted almost entirely to the student him- or herself. While it might seem that the overall probability of receiving a high quality education has plummeted, in reality it has simply shifted focus as hitherto unheard of educational opportunities suddenly emerge in other realms of study. Indeed, free educational opportunities are flourishing as never before.

Educate yourself for free

As homeschoolers (who, like us, have seen their children start and finish college years early) can attest, there is more than one way to approach education and the default K12-to-college-to-gradschool approach is far from optimally efficient and may in fact be a severe hindrance to many students. Unfortunately, students working outside the proscribed track of mainstream education often find themselves doing far more work than those within it as they strive to satisfy convoluted and extraneous requirements and prerequisites which have nothing to do with learning. They may even find themselves the victims of bait-and-switch ploys concocted by resentful functionaries of megalithic institutional education. Indeed it seems clear that education itself is far easier and more accessible than is college. In fact, if pure education is indeed one's goal, it can be achieved cheaply and easily. We offer our online lectures free of charge through WiZiQ.

Free sources of learning

Homeschooling in Action
Education is the purpose of life

The great seats of learning are populated by many scholars who are genuinely dedicated to learning. Though there are many other academics whose agendas are less admirable, a vast quantity of educational material has been made freely available through the Internet for the benefit of all net-connected sentient beings (see Free Online University Classes and free university audio feeds) and these continue to expand. Given a few simple tools, education is available to everyone; it is only the cost and the degree which are the sticking point. There is no denying the pragmatic value of a degree, even a worthless one in a superannuated subject fulfills the fatuous requirements established in some places, but perhaps education is more important, and perhaps it will serve the awakened mind far better in the long run than will the tolerance for drudgery and conformity that has been hammered into degree seeker.

The resources accessible through the great universities, together with those lurking about in youtube, creative commons, and wiki media, only require a bit of sifting and winnowing to provide every bit as worthwhile a curriculum as those sterile course requirements established by traditional and online universities. In only remains for the student with initiative to seek out and assimilate the wonderful wisdom that, in our age more than any other, is accessible to all.

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